Jaanu (2020) Telugu

27 March 2020 / By Zil Shah

Pure old fashioned love, tons of emotions, tons of feelings and Melodious music. 

Plot: Waiting for a school time love for 17 years and reconnect, together they embark on remembering their shared past, relive the joys of first love.  
While the first half is a very simple plot – a teenage romance that we have seen in many films, the second half is all about adults trying to express and hold their feelings. Melancholy pervades throughout. 

Cast: Power-packed performances by Samantha and Sharwanand. Samantha has been on a roll as Jaanu in the movie. After Shravani in Majili (2019), S Janki Devi aka Jaanu is another gem in her list.
Sharwanand did a splendid job as a shy guy who is stagnant in his life.

Music: The movie has a soulful background score Govind Vasantha. That sets this movie apart from other movies. Govind Vasantha’s music and Chinmayi Sripaada’s lilting voice. The songs have made much impact on me but the background music is effective. 

Such music is rare to find in Bollywood these days. If you are a music fan try to listen to these songs:

  1. Pranam: The song of 2 adults remembering their School time romance.
  2. Oohale: Jaanu’s fantasy of meeting her love.   
  3. Komma Veedi: The feeling of separations – after meeting their school time love.

The story will leave you in the storm of feelings, and thinking about the need for love, compassion, and support. 

The end is sad but realistic. A perfect story with fantastic music scores. A must watch for Telugu movie in 2020. 

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