What it really takes to be Righteous?

04 January 2019 / By Zil Shah

They say that good conduct comes along with an education. The education turns you into a good human being.

Let me tell you that, Duryodhan and Ravan both had the knowledge of Shastras. They had the best teacher/Guru in their respected times.

Even though they had great knowledge, they did few of the worst deeds. This implies that only education and knowledge is not the solution for wrongdoings or corruption.

Then what is the solution? What protects us from being corrupt???

I thought!!!

I really thought a lot on this and I realized that no knowledge is useful until and unless you choose to put that into practice. One needs to have the courage to follow the rightful path. It seems easy, but it never is. You need to have the vision to see what is right. You need to have a good mentor to show you the right path.

Moreover, you need a will and courage to walk on the right path. There is no doubt that a human has great powers. Great willpower helps to tackle worst situations.

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