Dead Poets Society

27 February 2012 / By Zil Shah

“Carpe Diem – Seize the Day, boys!!!” – the message of the movie. Seize the day, before it ends. Live up your life before it ends. An exquisite movie directed by Peter Weir that demonstrated many facets of being a teenager, and all of the passionate emotions that come with being one.

The wonderful message said in a beautiful manner.

Oh! Captain! My Captain! – Mr. Robin Williams, in the role of Mr. Keating, a professor of English with a different style of teaching. He tried to change the lives of students but some misinterpreted it. Mr. Keating introduces his students to poetry and his free-thinking attitude. The liberating philosophies of the authors he introduces to his class have a profound effect on his students.

The movie concentrates on student’s life, the stress of studies, duties, and expectations. Every scene has its own importance. Robin William was at his best and wonderful support provided by Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles, Gale Hansen and Robert Sean Leonard in the role of students. The story moves a bit slow but that is the beauty. You can understand each scene. 

I love Dead Poets Society. It is in a perfect setting. Needless to say, Dead Poets Society is one of my favorite films. 

It is very influential in my decision for career and life. 

Do something which you like or enjoy, gives the live feeling in Life. 

The Movie is not saying to stop doing all those things that you’re doing. But, the message is to start doing things that we like to do, to add more meaning to our life, to live life the way we want to.

Let’s, Carpe Diem. Let’s seize the day, guys!  Let’s not just throw our-selves into a pool of duties. 

Start doing things which we like to do. Let’s find the real essence of our own lives.

Carpe Diem!!!
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Yes , I liked it too. One can watch it again and again!
Robin williams went up in my esteem.

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