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15 March 2011 / By zilshah
Tata Nano has its own specialties. Small car, small price with innovative & attractive design, the innovation in automobile engineering. Even after that moving from Singur to Sanad the price is relatively low. I do understand the engine power constrain but its good for the city. And the object is of this car is also a four wheeler which a low end of the middle-class family can afford. But, we Indian always waiting for some outsider to recognize our talent & then we all accept it. I know the noise of the engine is is different but Boss “Car to hai na, chat to hai na!”
FYI, Tata Nano launched in the UK. It has met all the required 4 wheeler standards of UK with safety and all. 
This one for those who think that “India me sab chalta hai, kuch b banalo sach chalega” OR “Nano doesn’t have any safety”, It’s not like that. And a team of automobile experts is investigating the Tata Nano’s design for its design. Actually, they were amazed that how these wonderful things can be packed into such a small size!
Last year was a little difficult for amazing Indian car, TATA Nano. After launch,  sales increased but then in September, it touched low. There were some problems with the safety of passenger & engine capacity.
But, Ratan Tata, declared that all the Nano cars will get safety kit with no additional cost; which added value to TATA company as well as to Nano.
But real work has just started. From last some months, they are targeting the exact audience whom this car is designed & developed for.
Here are some of the advertisements: 
Small town middle-class family bought a car. They also mentioned in the ad that car is big, tough & speedy.
Car provide full Enjoyment to family 🙂 Wo hathon ka milna hum ne sambhal ker rakha hai abhi, isse apna lo abhi
Romantic moments which you miss on your 2-wheeler. Wo shararat ki hasi hum ne sambhal ke rakhi hai abhi isse banalo apana.

Shelter in rain. Wo gaane kahi humne sambhal ke rakhe hai abhi, unhe banalo apna.

With Tata Nano aaapki Khusio ki Chavi 🙂 ( The key of your Happiness)

Thank You.

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Tata is a headline grabber from past few months.The highest coverage it got during the launch of Nano and now its CNG-Petrol double fuel option version, which is known as Tata Nano E-MAX is going to launch in India soon.

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